Advanced optics

Crystal clear images are achieved with the help of high-quality optics and the latest iPhone imaging technology. This is especially useful when it comes to diagnosing anterior eye diseases such as cataract and corneal opacity.

Intelligent Acquisition Software

Manual focus mode allows you to focus individually on the cornea, iris or lens - what you see is what you get! Exposure and intensity settings help you achieve optimum lighting for your image.


Secure cloud data management facilitates convenient and remote clinical reviews and consultation with experts. This comes to good use especially during resource-strained or pandemic situations when mobility is restricted.


The compact design allows effortless movement with the device, whether it is for in-clinic consultations or for field based screenings. Simple, single-handed operation enables non-trained personnel to get acquainted with the device easily.

User & Patient Friendly Device

The PSL comes in handy when examining pediatric, geriatric, wheelchair-bound or bed ridden patients without causing discomfort.

Images captured on PSL