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Intuitive App together with a single key control design of the device ensures that non-specialists can easily take images


When used on a slit-lamp, it allows for convenient imaging of the anterior segment, the vitreous as well as the posterior segment


Designed to be portable in its sleek laptop-style carry bag design

Easy to maintain

No moving parts in design ensures minimal need for servicing and preventive maintenance

Battery Operated

Provides upto 7 hrs of back-up per charge - convenient in infrastructure limited settings!

Wifi Direct Enabled Printing

Print high quality reports directly from the mobile

Secure, Cloud-enabled Mobile Database App: EyeCloud

Implement real-time, remote diagnosis using our secure, cloud-ready mobile app EyeCloud

Certified to be Safe & Reliable

CE marked, Safety tested: complies with ISO10940, 15004, IEC6060-1, 6060-2 quality standards

High Quality Imaging

Use of the patented TruVue technology ensures reflex-free retinal imaging similar to high end desktop fundus cameras

Fundus on Phone Series (FOP)

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  • Ultra-Compact Design – Makes it Portable!
  • Telemedicine Ready – Makes it Accessible!
  • Sit-Lamp Mountable- Makes it Comprehensive!
  • Intuitive App – Makes it User-Friendly!

Product Video

Ultra-Compact Design

The Fundus on Phone is extremely compact by design, with the width of the system measuring just 2.9 cm. Its ultra-compact design allows it use even in the most space-starved settings !

Telemedicine Ready

FOP is an ideal platform for comprehensive telemedicine enabled eye-wellness screening. The cloud-synchronized mobile app called EyeCloud, enables images to be archived and stored on the cloud for remote review of images.

Slit-Lamp Mountable

The Fundus on Phone (FOP) can be placed on the testing rod location of any slit lamp. This allows the user to conveniently use the slit lamp base and chinrest for patient stabilization during image capture. In some supported slit-lamps, the Fundus on Phone’s phone module helps take high quality anterior segment images when placed  on the eyepiece of the slit lamp.

Intuitive App

The Fundus on Phone App, helps collect patient data in a convenient format. This metadata may be stamped on each image taken, enabling traceability of images. The App has high quality, post processing features that enables one to make color, tonal and saturation changes, add annotations, improve sharpness, brightness and contrast – all at the touch of a finger. Images with the stamped metadata can be saved locally or on the cloud. They can also be sent over third party apps like GMAIL, WhatsApp, etc

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