The Big Picture


2.5 billion people lack access to Eyecare globally


285 million people worldwide with Visual Impairment (VI)


39 million Blind annually


growth in ophthalmologists who can operate modern equipment


of Blindness caused annually is preventable before the occurrence


of the people affected, are living in low income settings

Who we are?

Remidio is an innovative ISO13485 certified medical device company that seeks to create Healthcare Access using principles of Design Thinking.

Why we do, What we do

Remidio is passionate about Simplifying Healthcare Access using disruptive technologies - we strongly believe this is essential to impact the more than 250 million at risk worldwide for preventable blindness.

How we do, What we do

Remidio uses principles of Design Thinking and involves key stakeholders during the product development process – clinicians, patients, technicians and health workers, with a view to designing product solutions that are simple to use, reliable & scalable

What differentiates our Products?

  • An Exciting Customer Experience with the Product
  • Simplicity of Use
  • Robust & Reliable
  • Scalable
  • Business Relevance

Design Thinking

How we design?

We are engaged in designing & developing Smart, Innovative & Disruptive Imaging Technologies in Vision Care, using a product development approach called “Design Thinking”. As part of the Design Thinking process, we take into account different facets of a customer’s experience with a product, as part of an overall product design approach, with the intent of inventing a new customer experience with the product.

Customers can be an amazing resource to glean insight and understanding, but they are generally not able to articulate their latent and anticipated needs. Remidio hence focuses on making quick, iterative and functional prototypes, that can then be given to the customer to understand these latent needs while observing their use of the prototypes.


We are Global

Over 7 million lives were impacted with 850+ installations of Remidio Products Worldwide

We are backed by marquee VC, Angel and Public Health focused investors


Exceptional strategists, disruptive thinkers and technology enthusiasts back our research and innovation, with a vision to revolutionize eyecare and make it accessible to everyone on the planet.


Our Clients

What doctors say about Remidio's products!

Dr. Kamal Kapur, Sharpsight

New Delhi

Dr. Mehmood Rehmani


Dr Jitender Wahi &
Sachin Sharma


Dr Kasturi Chandu



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