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“We had been trying to find a solution for digital photography in children's eye. However, most of the solutions were not adequate as the patient cooperation and high flash intensities were major challenges. Fundus On Phone from Remidio solved the problem for us by being easy to use and yielding the high quality images with extremely low flash intensities. We have tested a large number of children and it seems purpose built. We get great photos and the IF does a remarkable job to aid in detection of pigmentary issues. We love it. The Remidio software engineers and technicians have also been friendly and proactive in helping with any issues. ”

Dr Catherine VallenceWide Road Optometry, Australia

“The Remidio camera had an easy learning curve for me and my staff after a week of practice. We integrated taking fundus photos into our office flow easily due to Remidio's small office footprint. Overall, it gets a good non-mydriatic posterior pole view and patients like the visual when I go over their photos. It's a great starter retinal camera for an office looking for an affordable, convenient camera option.”

Christine NgoIconic Eyes Optometry

“We did a study using Fundus on Phone and what we found was that the images produced were stunningly effective in diagnosing retinopathy. The effectiveness was as high as 94 percent which is amazing because in patients of this nature anything over 70 percent is acceptable”

Dr V MohanDr Mohans Diabetes Specialities Clinic, Chennai

“From the confines of my clinic, I can get the images taken with the battery operated device in remote areas and then transferred almost at real time to my smart phone”

Dr. Salil GadkariPresident, MOS, Pune India

“The Remidio Fundus on Phone is a truly portable fundus camera that is very easy to use. ”

Dr. PrakashAmerican Eye Care Centre, Chennai

“Easy and convenient to use in the consultation room. Makes explaining to patients and understanding of retinal diseases a whole lot easier”

Dr. Mohsina MekhriNarayana Nehtralaya, Bangalore

“The Remidio fundus camera is a portable, and simple to use fundus camera that can be carried to remote locations for screening various disorders of the eye. It offers tremendous advantages for connectivity and data transfer.”

Dr S SenguptaAravind Eye Care, Pondicherry

“The Fundus on Phone is extremely simple to use. I take pictures using it in my OPD and am very quickly able to show my patients their fundus images during a slit lamp examination. In fact it is a great tool to educate a patient on treatment options”

Dr. Rohit NandaNanda Eye Care Centre, Delhi

“Encouraged by the initial pilot Diabetic Retinopathy screening program results from the fundus on Phone, Dr, BK Nayak, Secretary AIOS, said that the association would propose the idea as a national screening model”

Dr. B.K. NayakSecretary, All India Ophthalmology Society

“Early detection of Diabetic Retinopathy is key and Fundus on Phone helps us to do that efficiency and economy”

Dr. Quresh MaskatiPresident, All India Ophthalmology Society

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